Being Better Together 

Working solitary in itself can achieve a great reward.  However, working in unison with like-minded people achieves much greater rewards and the impact will be experienced by many more. 

In Luke, Chapter 6 we learn that Jesus Christ did not work alone.  He worked with all His Disciples and nearer the time of His death, He chose twelve and made them His Apostles.  Jesus shared His innermost thoughts with them and they received a heightened teaching and instruction from Him personally, furthermore, He prayed for them specially.  They stayed with Him and believed in all that He taught, although until the day of Pentecost (Baptism in the Holy Spirit) they were not fully equipped for the work that laid ahead.

When working together we need to make sacrifices.  These sacrifices are for the greater good of what is trying to be achieved.  This, in turn leads to a level of commitment which may try and test our resilience.  How glad to know that a community has been helped; a soul has been saved or a crisis averted all because of the extreme sacrifice and commitment shown by all involved.

Have you made such a move in your life so far this year?  What will be your Extreme Sacrifice – Extreme Commitment for the remainder?  Remember, it is never too late!