Pastor Herald Grant

Pastor Herald H. Grant is a man inspired by God, who felt and accepted the call at the age of seventeen under the spiritual guidance of the late Superintendent C. A. Anderson. Those close to him also shaped his early years, but most significantly, the spiritual and parental guidance of Allentine and Myrtle Grant.

In the early eighties, he studied Theology at the New Testament Church of God Bible Institute, England, where he successfully completed various courses. His devotion and reputation led to him being elected to lead the Students' Union. Thus when approached a few years later, he accepted the post of Lecturer at Calvary Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Theological College (North London, England). He has lectured over a number of years in New and Old Testament Studies and Christian Education. As well as duties within the College, Pastor Grant was asked to be a Guest Speaker at a presentation to Winchester University which was well received. Pastor Grant currently serves on the Governing Board as the Assistant Chairman of the College.

Throughout the years, he has fulfilled a variety of roles in his Local Assembly, leading various auxiliary Groups and Committees. His contributions to the Youth and Sunday School Departments are noteworthy in their success.  In the late nineties he entered the Ministry and was ordained on 15th March 1999, by the presiding UK Bishop, Reverend Alvin E. Blake.  Shortly thereafter, on 25th October 1999, he was appointed Pastor of Bethany COGIC.

On 22nd February 2009, Pastor Grant was appointed as a Member to the COGIC Executive Board, chaired by The Right Reverend Alvin E. Blake.  In May 2012, Pastor Grant was nominated as the new Superintendent for the London South District, and officially installed by The Right Reverend Alvin E Blake on 16th June 2012, a position which amplifies and recognises his dedication and commitment to the work God has bestowed to him.

His passion is teaching and preaching the Word to his growing Congregation as they mature in faith. He is a man of integrity who has a genuine love for God and the Body of Christ. His distinguishing characteristics are God given humility, kindness and wisdom. These steadfast traits have set him apart for use by God.

Pastor Herald H. Grant and his lovely wife Beverly, who shares his life and Ministry, are the proud parents of Andre, Monique and Dominic.

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